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  • Siegmund Kaub

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop

    811 days ago

  • Lord Wort

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop

    1472 days ago

  • Jan Hommer

    I'm kinda self-taught. I mean I did have piano lessons, but my piano teacher would probably be ashamed about how I'm "misusing" the piano as an accompanying instrument for pop songs rather than learn Mozart and stuff... Anyway I'm inspired (though not necessary directly influenced; that I persona...

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop

    1580 days ago

  • Kevin Oakes

    Kevin Oakes came to Germany from South Africa at the age of 18 to study.He graduated from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellender Kunst in Frankfurt am Main, as an actor. His talent was recognised very early on, and so he came to work with directors like Hans Neuenfels, Peter Palitsch and Istv...

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop

    1462 days ago

  • Classic Brothers

    Willi-D WillD, Born and rised till the age of 14 in the state of South Carolina, attended grade, Middle and some High school there. While attending middle school picked up the ability to play drums so I decided to try out for the High school marching band. Which I was accepted and I played on ...

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop, R & B

    1495 days ago

  • Charles Shaw

    Bekannt wurde Charles Shaw als eine der Originalstimmen der Erfolgsband „Milli Vanilli“. Das Debutalbum der Band, „Girl you know it’s true“ stand 7 Wochen lang auf Platz 1 der amerikanischen Billboard-Charts, was noch kein anderes deutsches Album geschafft hat. Zahlreiche Songs hat Charles Shaw s...

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop

    1457 days ago

  • Around Us

    Was bedeutet AROUND US? AROUND US steht für alles was um uns herum passiert. Wir haben uns Gedanken darüber gemacht was wir den Menschen für eine Message überbringen wollen. Es gibt gute und schlechte Menschen wie auch gute und schlechte Zeiten in unserem Leben. Wir wollen zeigen was alles passie...

    Genre (comma-separated): Hip Hop/Rap, New Age, Pop, R & B

    1656 days ago

  • childs from a star

    From the new album "Human Memory Sub Particles"

    Tags: rayang, singer-songwriter, composer, pop, rock, alternative, childs from a star

    1552 days ago

  • Rayang

    singer songwriter, composer, musician, artistpop, rock, alternative guitar, vocals, keyboard, bass, sampler; experienced live & studio

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop, Rock

    911 days ago

  • Norman Ebel

    Genre (comma-separated): Pop, Unclassified/Unique

    1474 days ago

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