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With my agreement to the following declaration of data protection I allow the company MIRIO Entertainment Ltd. & Co. KG (“Provider”) as the operator of the website to use and process my personal data. This occurs in measure of the following terms and the legal requirements, especially the laws of data protection.

  1.  I agree that PROVIDER is allowed to collect, use and process my personal data for the justification, accomplishment and clearing in my relation of using the website VOICE OF THE WORLD (“VOTW”). The company VOTW MIRIO Management Ltd, Plague Management LTD. and admingroup UG GbR, Am Mönchgraben 4, 40597 Düsseldorf, Deutschland, is at the responsible in law-abiding of the laws of data protection.
    Personal data are inventory data (e. g. while filling “country” and “date of birth” in your registration paper) as well as user figures which are necessary for using VOTW (e. g. the password needed for the login into the VOTW network).     
  2. I agree that the following datas I indicated while registration are available to and can be seen by every VOTW network-user:
    • username (also your pseudonym),
    • country,
    • continent of participation,
    • date of birth,
    • gender,
    • self-description (e. g. “about me”, “influences”, “I love”, “Why I am at VOTW”) as well as
    Furthermore I agree that the image file, which I uploaded to put into my personal profile, is available and can be seen by every VOTW network-user.
    all films I loaded up
  3. I agree that PROVIDER adopts so called cookies and with the help of them is able to collect, use and process my user figures. The adoption of cookies conduces to create the VOTW network userfriendly and userdrawn as well as effective and secured. For example the authentication data asked while logging in can be saved to make an easier login possible. Furthermore the cookies conduce to make a personalized greeting and an allocation of utilisations specified to me as user possible.

    Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers which can be archived temporary in the main memory (“session cookie”) or saved permanentely on the fixed disk (“permanent cookie”). With setting of the used internet browser there is the free choice of accepting cookies, wanting an information after composing a cookie or declining all cookies

    If function-related cookies are getting declined, the functionality of the VOTW network is not or only limited available because certain functions are only available if and as far as the adoption of function-related cookies has been accepted. 
  4. I agree that while an access to the VOTW-network accasioned by me the information is getting automatically transferred by the internet browser I am using and that this information can be saved by PROVIDER for the duration of six months at most in so called log files (server-logfiles).

    I agree that PROVIDER analyses and evaluates the saved dates in the log files to optimise the VOTW-network and its applications to present me specific personalised advertisement and/or special offers and services about the VOTW-network.

    The log file-evaluation conduces among other things to optimate the VOTW-network and its applications. With these informations PROVIDER, for example, is able to comprehend at what times the use of the VOTW-network is eminently popular and which dimension of data volume was produced. Furthermore, possible failures can be found (e. g. inaccurate links).

    While evaluating the log files the clickstream caused by and out of the websites of the VOTW-network can be followed, analysed and checked to that effect which parts of the VOTW-network have been searched for and/or located how often. In such a clickstream analyse PROVIDER may adopt cookies and/or Java Script to collect and evaluate the information. After the avowed acceptance there can be advertisement presented and/or special offers and services for the user about the VOTW-network which contents are based on the clickstream analyse (for instance advertisement for one special user who attends certain themes in the bulletin board/forum).
  5. I accept that PROVIDER the uses the data I filled in while registration (“username”, “country” etc.) as well as the data I typed my own profile with (“About myself”, “Why I join VOTW”, “I love”, etc.) for presenting me personalised advertisements and/or special offers and services about the VOTW-network (for example a recommandation of a book which is specified for my homecountry and my age; product advertisements based on my interests etc.)
  6. I accept that PROVIDER sends information and messages to me; these messages contains advices and reports for the user iof the VOTW-network. I notice that PROVIDER uses my personal data therefore; according to this the sending via E-Mail takes place to the E-Mail account I am using in the VOTW-network.

    Furthermore I accept that PROVIDER uses my personal data to send marketing messages by using electronic mail (for sending E-Mails to the E-Mail account I am using in the VOTW-network).

    I notice that I, if I don´t want to receive electronic mails with an advertising character anymore, can decline and veto the receipt of messages everytime. To do that I have to contact PROVIDER with the contact form and write “No commercial” into the subject heading, write down my username and formulate that I don´t want to get personalized advertisement anymore.
  7. I accept that PROVIDER refers my personal data and/or user figures to a Serious Fraud Office, an office for criminal prosecution or an supervisory authority if and as far as this is required for the defence of dangers of the governmental and public assurance and for the persecution of crime acts.

There will not be any data transfer to a third party for commercial or industrial aims at all and at any time.

I notice that I have got the possibility to veto my former acceptance of processing my personal data everytime in effect of the future in parts or completely adverse PROVIDER.

The objection has to be sent via contact form or via post to the following adress: VOTW MIRIO Management Ltd, Plague Management LTD. and admingroup UG GbR, Am Mönchgraben 4, 40597 Düsseldorf,

If I do not completely agree with the declaretion of data protection and decline, PROVIDER reserves the right to ban my use of VOTW until my acceptance, or to erase my account.

My acceptance to process my personal data is applied for every user who registers successfully under accepting this declaration of data protection and the terms of use from the 1st of March 2013.  


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