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  • What obligations do I have to VOTW?

    You are responsible for the accuracy of the information about you.  This information should be all true and accurate.  In your interest you also declare yourself ready for possible interviews and concert dates for negotiated fee.  In the case that you are one of the winners and / or finalists, you will be under contract with MIRIO Entertainment GmbH for the winning composition.

  • What happens with my song?

    You can upload your composition to the VOICE OF THE WORLD platform even if it is already available on other portals (like YouTube, Vimeo, or MySpace).  If your song is chosen as the winner the marketing rights of your composition will belong to us.  However the song will always remain your song, so that you are always involved in all income and revenues.  We will not sell your song to third-parties without your express approval.

  • May my song be already published?

    Yes! Your participation with VOTW is allowed if your song is already published, however it must be free of third-party rights.  Because we take over the distribution of the winner's song, you may not be bound in this respect.

  • How do I record and edit my music?

    If you record a live video with your Smartphone or a video camera, the sound can be turned on so that the song is immediately recorded -- or you can record the music separately and synchronize it with the video.  There are various options for post-production music synchronization.  Depending on the type of music you are recording, it can be sufficient simply to use the built-in microphone in your computer.  Otherwise, you can use an external microphone or even a mixer with multiple microphones.  Depending on the operating system on your computer, there is also plenty of professional-quality, user-friendly recording software readily available to everyone.  Recording software ranges from paid professional software bundles to freeware and open source solutions which give the user pro-ready tools free of charge. You can find an overview of some of the available software here -> Music Software.

  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password click on Settings in the orange My VOTW menu.  

  • Which video formats are permitted?

    You can upload your videos in the following formats: 

    • MOV 
    • MPEG 
    • MP4 
    • FLV 
    • OGG 
    • M4V 
  • Where can I change my email address?

    You can enter 2 email addresses on your Voice Of The World profile: 

    1. The email address which will be displayed on your profile. You can edit this address by accessing the link 'edit profile' on your profile page (under the 'Contact' tab) 
    2. The email address which you provided during your registration procedure and under which we can contact you and send you notifications – you can find this address under 'Settings'' in the orange My VOTW menu.
  • How can I edit my profile / profile picture?

    Go to your profile page by clicking on your profile picture on the orange My VOTW menu on the left side of the page. On your profile page you have the requested links directly under your profile picture: 

    • Edit profile 
    • Edit profile picture
  • How can I become a fan of an artist?

    On the profile page of an artist you will find the link “become a fan” under the profile picture of the artist.  Generally, you have the possibility to “become a fan” of an artist everywhere you see the artists’ profile picture. If you drag your mouse over the image, a prompt appears -- by clicking when you see this you will get a menu in which you can choose to also 'become a fan'. 

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