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is the first global music-talent contest in history. Regardless of genre  - Pop, Rock, Soul, Gospel, Folk, R&B, Opera, World Music, Indigenous, or any other 'style' - all vocalists in every continent and in every country in the world are invited to participate and embrace the opportunity to show the world their talent and become the "VOICE OF THE WORLD".

The winner receives an international recording contract, a professional management contract, and an international release of the recording of the winning song.

The time has come to present the world your talent and take a chance at becoming the VOICE OF THE WORLD - register here.

All musical content and material that is presented by artists in the VOICE OF THE WORLD global music-talent contest must be original content.  Use of other artists' copyrighted material will not be allowed into the contest and artists that use such material will not be eligible to win the VOICE OF THE WORLD global music-talent contest.  We are therefore not responsible for member's use of other artists' copyrighted material.

Voice of the World

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